Sochi 2014: the best run ever

Sochi 2014: the best run ever

When the sun is shining and I have some time to kill, there is only one thing to do: go for a run. And so I got my running shoes out for the first time since I arrived in Russia and headed to the seaside, which, apparently was rather close to our hotel.

I was amazed to realise that it was merely around the corner! And it was a beautiful promenade stretching a long way around the shore (see picture below).

promenade daylight other side 580

It was so gorgeous I couldn’t stop taking pictures:

promenade daylight 580

Some parts close to the water looked almost like a beach:

sea gravel 580

Others were still being worked on – a sight which looked all the more magical the lower the sun would go:

bagger und sonne 580

So I had this beautiful sunset to one side:

sunset further away 580

sunset with upclose water 580

… and the mountains to the other:

mountains 2 580

All in all – it was a great run. If not the best run ever.

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