Sochi 2014: uniform collection day

Sochi 2014: uniform collection day

When our supervisor said that picking up our uniforms might take all day, I thought she had lost the plot! It turns out, she was right.

See, I had thought that ‘picking up our uniforms’ would involve nipping over to some sort of office, popping into some kind of changing room, being handed a bag or box of stuff and be out of there within a jiffy so we could skidaddle back to Main Press Centre.

But such was not the case. After a 45-minute walk to the Uniform Distribution Centre, we had to get in a queue, have our accreditations scanned, pick up a document, have that document scanned, be given a number and sit down to wait for our numbers to come up on the screen (see picture below).

waiting for the numbers 580

Eventually, we wanted to look like these guys:

uniformists up close 580

But we were still a long way off. Once our number came up, we had to individually go through, show our document again, and try on certain parts of our uniform: the super-cosy jacket, the salopettes and the hoodie, and return them back to the rack.

Then, we were ushered through to the next building where we’d have to try on and put back gloves and shoes.

We had to take a note of all our sizes on a sheet of paper which we then had to show in the next room: a warehouse-style place where several workers filled our shopping basket with boxes and bags of stuff.

Then, we had to officially check out in this final stage of the operation. After a short time queuing, we had to have every item scanned in the same way groceries are scanned in the supermarkets, sign three pieces of paper to confirm we have in fact received our kit and then, only then, were we allowed to leave.

Here I am with my shopping basket full of stuff:

end of shopping 290

And here I am with all my stuff transferred into this cool bag which was part of our kit, so I could carry everything back to the Main Press Centre.

end of umpacken 290

It was a long walk back, but totally worth it. Brace yourself for plenty of fresh pictures of me in uniform! :)

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