Winnosa is the pen name used by freelance journalist and blogger Winnie Osayi Agbonlahor.

Winnie specialises in health, politics, public policy and travel, and has written for British news titles including the Guardian, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and Global Government Forum.

She has also worked with Reuters news agency on a number of special investigations.

Having lived in the UK since leaving her native Germany in 2006, Winnie set up the website abritishthing.co.uk, which offers a practical and humorous survival guide to non-Brits struggling to get to grips with British customs and unspoken rules.

Born to a Nigerian father and a German mother, Winnie has always been interested in travelling and has lived in a number of different countries, such as Russia, Italy and the UK.

She’s also visited various countries in Europe and Asia to research travel articles.

To stay up to date with her latest posts, follow her on Twitter at @Winnosa.

For more information, contact her at [email protected].

'Working from home' on a beach in Cambodia

‘Working from home’ on a beach in Cambodia

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