Global Government Forum

Global Government Forum

Title: News and Social Media Editor

Work: Part-time employment

Duties: Sourcing, producing, editing and publishing news stories; writing breaking news stories; finding new angles to existing stories; reporting on events; interviewing senior government officials, politicians and politics experts, producing video interviews; creating and executing a social media strategy

Output: (the website for senior government officials around the world) and YouTube

Writing samples: Interviewees included Australia’s former government digital chief Paul Shetler, New Zealand’s former top civil servant Iain Rennie, the UK’s former Treasury chief Sir Nick MacphersonRobert Beschel, the World Bank’s global lead on centre of government, and Rolf Alter, toe OECD’s director for public governance. Click here for a full list of published articles.

Stories picked up by mainstream media include my interview with former UK cabinet secretary Lord O’Donnel, which ended up on the front pages of the Independent and the i newspaper, the Huffington Post, and Russia Today.



  • 150,000 senior officials globally